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Detailed Program

Download a pdf version of the detailled program and abstracts here, or use the BC12 iPhone App.

Recordings of lectures given at the conference will be made available shortly at LMU on iTunes

Wednesday, September 12

In conjunction with Neuroinformatics 2012 see also

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Opening and Presentation of the Bernstein and Braitenberg Awards 2012

14:00 Opening (Local Organizers)

14:05 Welcome LMU and TUM

14:15 Welcome BMBF and Presentation of the Bernstein Award 2012

14:25 Lecture by the Bernstein Award Winner

15:05 Presentation of the Braitenberg Award 2012

15:10 Lecture by the Braitenberg Award Winner

15:50 Coffee

16:20 Neural Circuits: Structure and Signals

16:20 Moritz Helmstaedter (MPI Neurobiology Munich): Structural Neurobiology: Tools for the dense reconstruction of neuronal circuits

17:00 Gaute Einevoll (Aas): How local is the local field potential?

19:00 Joint INCF/BCCN Conference Dinner (Münchner Künstlerhaus)


Thursday, September 13

09:00 Coding

09:00 Alexandre Pouget (Geneva): Probabilistic approaches to coding and computation

09:40 Greg DeAngelis (Rochester): Neural computations underlying optimal multisensory cue integration

10:20 Coffee

10:50 Vision

10:50 Matteo Carandini (UCL London): Wakefulness, locomotion, and navigation: A look from visual cortex

11:30 Gabriel Kreiman (Harvard): Temporal constraints for visual object recognition:  neurophysiological, behavioural and computational approaches

12:10 Tomaso Poggio (MIT): A sketch of a theory of visual cortex

12:50 Lunch

14:00 Network Dynamics and Representations

14:00 Kwabena Boahen (Stanford): Neurogrid: Simulating a million neurons and a billion synapses in real-time with sixteen neuromorphic chips

14:40 Shaul Druckmann (Janelia Farm): Overcomplete representations and neuronal circuit dynamics

15:20 Coffee

15:50 Learning

15:50 Bernhard Schölkopf (MPI Tübingen): Statistical and causal learning

16:30 Máté Lengyel (Cambridge): Internal models: of ferret and men

17:10 Jochen Triesch (FIAS Frankfurt): Self-organization and unsupervised learning in recurrent networks

18:00 Poster Session I

20:00 Öffentlicher Vortrag

Onur Güntürkün (Bochum): Intelligenz ohne Hirnrinde? Wie Vögel einen eigenen Weg zu kognitiven Höchstleistungen gefunden haben


Friday, September 14

09:00 Decision

09:00 Ranulfo Romo (UNAM Mexico City): Conversion of sensory signals into perceptual decisions

09:40 Zach Mainen (Lisbon): Origins and use of uncertainty in decision-making

10:20 Coffee

10:50 Disease and Cure

10:50 Quentin Huys (UCL London): Explaining away emotions. How simple decision dysfunctions might perturb complex cognitions

11:30 Stefan Leutgeb (UCSD): Spatial processing and map learning in the entorhino-hippocampal circuit

12:10 Bernhard Seeber (Nottingham / TU Munich): Improving hearing with cochlear implants in reverberant spaces

12:50 Lunch

14:00 Cognition

14:00 Onur Güntürkün (Bochum): The Left and the Right Side of Visual Discriminations

14:40 Andreas Nieder (Tübingen): Biological precursors of the number sense

15:20 Coffee

15:50 Prizes and Global Perspectives

15:50 Bernstein Movie Award 2012

16:05 Brains-for-Brains Award 2012

16:20 Maryann Martone (UCSD): Big data from small data: A deep survey of neuroscience data via the Neuroscience Information Framework

17:00 Christof Koch (Allen Institute, Seattle): Project MindScope

17:40 Outlook (Organizers of Bernstein Conferences 2012 and 2013)

18:00 Poster Session II

Important Dates

Abstract deadline:
May 11, 2012

Early registration deadline:
June 1, 2012

Neuroinformatics 2012:
September 10-12, 2012
Bernstein Conference:
September 12-14, 2012





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